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Over the spring and summer of 2019, the training programme has been tested in Madrid and Bologna. Two groups of learners, seeking a job or already exercising a professional activity, have expressed their interest in following the PRODOME training and therefore contribute to its testing and evaluation. Despite the experimental aspect, the training has been perceived by the trainees as an entry on the labour market. As a matter of fact, 7 out of 25 participants in Italy have found a job at the end of the training.

The training programme was developed in 9 modules with a total length of 300 hours among which 180 hours in blended learning, face to face and distance learning, and 120 hours in work-based learning. The large variety of topics and the richness of the modules’ content allowed the learners to acquire the necessary skills for the profession of domestic housekeeper.

Thus, the PRODOME training programme represents a contribution to the process of professionalising and recognising the profession of domestic housekeeper in the European Union. A training programme harmonised at EU level, ready to use throughout the EU, whose main objective is to improve the working conditions of these professionals and to fight against undeclared work.