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This meeting was an opportunity for the partners to discuss the progress of the different Work Packages (WP). In particular, they discussed the results of the first interviews and questionnaires organised within the framework of “WP1: Reference framework definition”.

The results of these interviews and questionnaires with VET providers, policy makers and domestic housekeepers will contribute to the first deliverable of this project, i.e. the study entitled: “State of the art of domestic housekeepers in Europe”.

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During this meeting, the members of the project were able to greet for the first time face to face the new partner of the project: Grupo SSI. Indeed, Mrs Karmele Acedo, CEO of Grupo SSI, as well as Mrs Susana Moreno, Head of the training department at Grupo SSI, were there to represent the new partner. Grupo SSI is a cooperative for personal and social care services at home from the Basque Country and will officially join the project as associated partner as soon as the new partnership agreement is signed.

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