On August 8th 2017, the Basque cooperative officially became associated partner to the PRODOME project.

A few months ago, Grupo SSI, a cooperative for personal and social care services at home based in the Basque Country in Spain, expressed its desire to work with the PRODOME project’s consortium as associated partner.

Mrs Karmele Acedo, CEO of Grupo SSI showed her interest in this project which fits with Grupo SSI’s missions.

Indeed, this Basque cooperative, established since 1987, is committed to answering the social needs of vulnerable and dependent people. It also offers professional training and qualifications for social care and home services professionals. Through the PRODOME project, Grupo SSI is interested in improving the training offer for domestic housekeepers.

Grupo SSI, thanks to its expertise in the social care and home services sector, will be an asset to the project. Moreover, once the training is available, they will be able to implement it in the Basque Country, which will not only broaden the scope of the project, but also bring more exploitable results in order to improve the European curriculum for domestic housekeepers in the future.