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Two partners of the PRODOME project (PROfessionalising DOMestic housekeepers in Europe) took part in this national event organised by IPERIA l’Insitut: ASSINDATCOLF (Associazione dei datori di lavoro domestico), who represents the individual employers in Italy and CCOO (Comisiones Obreras), which is an employees union in Spain.

Indeed, Mrs Luisa Gardella, head of training programmes, spoke to present the initiatives carried out by ASSINDATCOLF for the promotion of the professionalisation of domestic workers, not only in Italy, but also at a European level thanks to the Erasmus+ PRODOME project. This project aims mainly at creating a European training programme for domestic workers.

The representatives of the Spanish union CCOO participated as audience members and were very interested in the recognition of the added value of training for these types of professions.

Lastly, a guided tour of the VET provider Eclipse’s premises enabled the partners to see how training for domestic workers is organised in the field, including classrooms and technical facilities such as kitchens and fully equipped rooms.

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